What’s in a name?

Relativity— noun(rel·a·tiv·i·ty  \ re-lə-ˈti-və-tē) — means the dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. For example, the way in which the gravity of a large object warps both time and the physical space around it.

21st-Century Legal Services (or, as we call it, the New Paradigm)

After long, diverse legal careers across several top-tier law firms and multi-national public and private companies in the energy and finance sectors, our founders realized that clients’ legal and business needs constantly change based on the facts and circumstances of any given situation. In other words, relativity is always at play.

In fact, in recent years, they came to understand that the old, “Traditional Model” law firm, in many if not most cases, no longer worked as intended. Clients want and need fast, efficient, low-cost legal services, but still require high levels of skilled expertise and service. Our clients’ needs and demands constantly change. The marketplace for legal services is rapidly changing. The steps counsel must take and the advice they must give necessarily changes. Not every firm can adjust to those changes, but we adapted and continue to adapt to the New Paradigm.

That is the genesis of Relativity Law.

The Firm

We define success based on our ability to support clients’ evolving business needs, and we pride ourselves on disrupting the legal profession through innovation and excellence. 

  • Modern & Lean

We use a modern, proprietary business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing traditionally associated with large law firms, like lavish office spaces, junior associate training (and summer associate boondoggles), unnecessary and costly administrative and support staff, and other expenses that offer little if any direct value to our clients. Through our innovative approach to law firm management and use of technology, we can offer clients exactly what they need: sophisticated, timely legal advice from knowledgeable, experienced attorneys at attractive rates and low costs. With this approach we beat most firms’ charges by 30-50% or more while retaining the same level of expertise and service.

  • Experienced

We provide a particular type of attorney, with a broad mix in in-house and big-firm experience, who is technically savvy and able to work flexibly and efficiently with little to no overhead.Before joining Relativity Law, they were general counsels or held other high-level legal positions at diverse, multi-national corporations, and were partners, counsel and senior associates at top international law firms. We serve as counsel to clients in a wide range of industries and developmental phases, from Fortune 500 public companies to early-stage startups. In addition to distinguished legal careers, our attorneys are experienced in business, risk consulting, and entrepreneurship, and know first-hand what it takes to start and grow successful companies. Their depth of experience, coupled with a pragmatic business approach, ensures that our clients receive the best and most practical advice.

  • Efficient

Our use of the latest technology in a low-overhead environment enables us to deliver efficient, on-demand, reliable legal servicesto our clients. Unless you specifically request it, you should never expect a typical law firm’s formal “legal memorandum” from us that presents both sides to an issue but never makes a recommendation. Rather, you will get timely, succinct, and on-point legal advice that tells you what you need to know and helps you meet your business objectives.

  • Flexible

We take a unique, case-by-case approachto support each client in way that makes the most sense for their business.  Depending on the business needs and goals, our attorneys will work under a wide range of arrangements to help you develop successful strategies. In addition to reduced hourly rates, we offer clients a wide range of fee arrangements, including flat fees, alternative fees, and contingency-based billing. Whether the project requires a team of our most experienced transactional lawyers on a cross-border transaction, filling a gap in a client’s in-house team on an ongoing basis, or just answering specific questions as they arise, we work directly with our clients to ensure that they have the right type and level of support for success.

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